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Currently under development, more to follow...

Custom home, waterfront Desolation Sound
Custom home, waterfront Desolation Sound
Lathe-turned sculptural component of truss system
Salvaged logs at the sawmill
Salvaged from 65 year old logging bridge, now edge grain old growth douglas fir flooring
Glue jig for round top door jamb, for custom round top door
Sawmill in action
Custom doors from local western red cedar, salvaged logs, dried in our own kilm
Ocean salvaged cedar destined for roof shingles
Drilled water wells no problem, full system design and installation
Welded aluminium spiral exterior staircase "yes, we make our own."
Unfinished solid slate entry mined on vancouver island
Perspective lies, its only 6" x 14" (but 20' long)
Design permitting and complete construction of custom septic systems
If you can climb onto the site, we can build on it!
On the edge of a 100 foot vertical drop, pinned to the bedrock with lots of steel
Sometimes the owners like to help
Beginning of the structural skeleton
Sadly, sometimes nature doesn't make a curve where we need it the most...
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