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Orca Design Ltd. is a design and build service , designing and building homes in a way that respects nature, both in siting and construction. We produce our own framing lumber, posts, beams, cedar siding and decking, old growth edge grain douglas fir floors, interior and exterior doors, closets, cabinets, trim, etc., all from local sustainable sources. All of our wood comes from sensitive single tree selection, windfalls, and salvage.

We maintain sawmills, dry kiln, our own forestry equipment (very small scale), and full woodworking facilities for doors, cabinets, etc. Although we specialize in new home design/construction, we also do additions and renovations on interesting projects, both homes and businesses. All our work is custom, and we can produce almost any custom components, competitively priced — doors, cabinets and built-ins are welcome projects any time. We have significant experience in low impact land development on Cortes island, including underground service , drilled wells ( both waterwells and geo-thermal ) and full treatment environmentally integrated wastewater systems.

Often, pricing is not only competitive, but fixed. We work sustainably with nature to create beautiful homes, designed for their occupants as part of the natural environment. We believe that humans must be a part of our forest ecology, not the cause of its demise, and our homes sited in their environments demonstrate that for us and for our clients.

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